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September 30, 2016

$2 for Staff and $1 for Students

Proceeds will go to our CCMS PTO!

Current PTO members dress down for free!


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Blue Shirt Day®
World Day of Bullying Prevention™  

STOMP Out Bullying™

The leading national anti-bullying and cyberbullying
prevention organization for kids and teens created 
to signify the importance of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month each October.

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Someone you know could be bullied or cyberbullied.  

Someone you know might be a bully or a cyberbully. 

Bullying reports can be made to the 
CCSD Bully Hotline
phone - 843-782-0049   OR 
email -


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Drop-off Time for ALL students begins at 7:10 each morning.

Students are allowed to go eat breakfast in the cafeteria or go straight to their homeroom classes.

The tardy bell will ring at 8am, which is when Core instruction will begin.

Our news program will start each morning at 7:55. 

Messages will be delivered to students prior to 2pm. With so many students in our building, it is quite difficult to process the number of last minute calls regarding how students will get home, where they should go after school, etc. We understand that there will be emergencies, but try to avoid calling after 2pm.  



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School Supply List 2016

School Events
•  Student Council Meeting
Time: 3:00 PM
•  ELA Benchmark #1

Sports Events
•  Activities Suspended  (Cheerleading)
•  Away Game: Howard Middle School  (Cheerleading)
Time: 5:00 PM

Organizations Events
•  Meeting 3:00-3:45  (Student Council)
Transformational STEM

Click here to view schedule.

Mr. Peeples
Also...Golden Apple Award Winner: March

And...Golden Apple Award Winner for April

Building is only half the fun! Programming is the real challenge!
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Mr. Ravi was the first recipient of our monthly Golden Apple Award! Each month, the leadership team at CCMS will be choosing...
Congratulations Mr. Ravi!