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Please remember to save your BOX TOPS to earn extra money for our school! Simply save them in a Ziploc bag, write your child's name on the bag, and have them turn them in to their homeroom teachers!

Starting in January, we will reward students for participating in this fundraiser!

Thank you so much for your help!




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Dabbin for Debbies!
Spotlight Image
 Dabbin' for Debbies... NO DETENTIONS? What a piece of cake!! Students will receive a treat at lunch for NO...

December Golden Apple Winner!
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November Golden Apple Winner
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Mrs. Gloria Brown
Congratulations, Mrs. Brown! Thank you for being so AWESOME!

Mr. Peeples
Also...Golden Apple Award Winner: March

And...Golden Apple Award Winner for April

Mr. Ravi was the first recipient of our monthly Golden Apple Award! Each month, the leadership team at CCMS will be choosing...
Congratulations Mr. Ravi!